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Every Friday afternoon we have a Merit Assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in class, for excellent behaviour, for being helpful etc. The children receive a certificate to take home. We also give out a handwriting award for each class for the pupil that has tried the hardest with their handwriting that week.
The lunchtime supervisors also choose one pupil from each class that has demonstrated impeccable behaviour at lunchtimes. They get to sit on the 'Golden table' for lunch for the following week.
Please click on the documents below to see the weekly winners.

20th May 2016

Merit awards
Class Pupils Reason for award

Jamie Middleton


Writing his name on his own now and reading his book at home.


Yr 1/2

Ellen Ward


Carter Fazzi

For excellent bowling during cricket.


For great copying and pasting skills during computing.

Yr 3/4

Dylan Walden


Mr Irving's First class @ number group

Fantastic enthusiasm and sensitivity looking at the people and future of the rainforest.


Fantastic progress in Numeracy.

Yr 5/6

Tia Fox 


Roan Thompson

Creating a monologue.


Good contributions about Brazilian Favelas.

Handwriting awards
Class Pupil

Charlie Carroll

Yr 1/2 Cerys Graham
Yr 3/4

Anthony Turnbull

Yr 5/6 James Coates

Golden Table
Class Pupil

Shay Nelson Brown

Yr 1/2 Leo Statt
Yr 3/4 Mae Bullock
Yr 5/6 Jessica Nelson Brown


Reader of the week

Reception - Lily Henderson

Yr 1/2      - Stephanie Owens

Yr 3/4     - Mason Murray

Yr 5/6     - Nathan Foley