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After School Sports Clubs

After School Clubs

At Highfield Community Primary School, we set ourselves the ambitious target a few years ago to engage every child in Key Stage 2 in an after school club. We have worked with the children to help us to achieve this, discussing with them which clubs they would like to attend, what prevents them from attending clubs and what can we do to support them in this. I am delighted to report that this has been achieved. Every pupil in Key Stage 2 attended a club at some stage during the academic year. This is in part down to the range of sporting clubs that have been offered to the children and also through the running of the intra-leagues at a break and lunchtime.


The clubs that we have currently offered to pupils over the past academic year are:


  • Cheerleading/Dance - 26 pupils attended
  • Football - 21 pupils attended
  • Change 4 Life Breakfast Club - 38 pupils attended
  • Rugby - 27 pupils attended
  • Dance (Festival preparation) - 28 pupils attended
  • Early Years/Key Stage 1 Games Club - 27 attended
  • Athletics club - 40 children attended
  • NUFC Football club - 23 pupils attended


Of course the challenge will not stop there, our target for this academic year is to achieve this with all pupils in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  More details of how we are getting on will follow later in the term. We have made an excellent start though with all children in Key Stage 1 signing up to take part in Mr Irving's Intra league and 55 children out of 58 joining in from Key Stage 2!!!

Over the course of this academic year our School Sports Crew are going to take on more responsibilities within school. Our ideas are that the year 5/6 children start leading sessions, from Breakfast Club, KS1 & EYFS PE lessons and warm ups in their own PE lessons. The Sports Crew will inspire other children in our school to want to be a part of the Sports Crew. 
Football Club with Mr Irving is ran annually in the winter and spring terms. We play fun exciting games and prepare for many tournaments over the calendar year.