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KS2 Multi Skills Intra League

In September 2014 Mrs Doherty and I discussed the possibility of setting up an intra school football tournament for KS2.

We asked the children who would be interested in taking part in this in some way. I was looking for players, officials and secretaries. The secretaries jobs would be to help me with photography, admin and helping with our display board. 53 out of 59 children put their hands up to be involved.

So I set about in sorting out the teams. 41 children were interested in playing. I put them in to seven teams of 5 and one team of 6. I use an app on my I-Pad called 'Fixture Maker' which collated all of the fixtures for me so I can keep record of the fixtures, results and league table. The secretaries and I print all of these off so the children can see and put them on our 'Sporting Stars' display board, with the intra league having its own section. The officials play a massive part in the running of the league and keep the players in check. We line up before each game to shake each player and officials hand and at the end of the game, to show respect to each other. We do this when we win, lose or draw.

Each team has a team name and captain. We also got each team their own coloured tshirts, so each team has their own identity. We wanted to make this as professional as possible. What the children see, read and hear about on a Saturday afternoon at St James' Park or Old Trafford I wanted to bring to this league. There will be prizes at the end of the league. We are currently half way through the league with a lot of important football to be played.

When it is over we are looking to start another league with a different sport.

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