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Google Classroom

Instructions for using Google Classroom:

1 Click on the Google Chrome browser icon. (Works best on Chrome)

2 Type into the browser : classroom.google.com

3 Go to classroom.

4 Type in pupils E mail address provided by school.

5 Type in password provided by school.

6 Click on child's classroom to enter. Sometimes it asks for the class code. Use the following :

Nursery am - pxi7ou4

Nursery pm - qg7yzcx

Reception - fmym7gw

Yr 1/2 - p6hi7dl

Yr 3/4 - bwngyhh

Yr 5/6 - tve5r6q

7 All the work set by the teacher will be in the 'stream' section.


Completing work and returning to teacher :

1 Click on assignment set.

2 On right hand side of screen look at part that says 'your work'. Press the '+ or create tab'.

3 Create a new document.

4 Do the activity set.

5 Once completed press the 'turn in' button which will send the work to the class teacher. No need to save the work!


You tube has lots of videos which will help you understand how to use Google Classroom if help is needed.